Nehemiah Reading Project

The NRP is a once-a-month gathering in which parents and students, aged Pre-K to 3rd grade, are encouraged to build relationships, their home libraries, and nurture a love of reading. Every NRP gathering enriches the culture of each school by providing a safe space to unite in the celebration of family, community and education. Each NRP is segmented into three special components that reflect the needs and desires of both the school and the individuals that attend NRP. The 2.5 hour program includes:


  • A reading circle
  • Parent workshop
  • Dinner for everybody


NRP reading circles are supplemented by group discussions and incorporate a variety of reading modes. By gently challenging the parents out of their comfort zone, NRP empowers parents to take a pro-active role in their children’s education. Following the monthly reading circle, each household is given a copy of the book to take home, this is done with the intention of building home libraries. NRP workshops are designed to advocate for parents by providing access to a wide variety of critical resources, themes and opportunities.

NRP workshops are meant to provide a holistic mechanism of support, by nurturing a safe social space in which parents are able to connect to themselves, their children and community alike. NRP believes that managing one’s emotional and physical well-being are foundational tools for a successful home life. Real-world challenges are simultaneously addressed: resume writing, employment opportunities, and mock interviews are provided through NRP.

A traditional ending to any familial gathering- every month, dinner is provided to all  Families attendees at no cost. “Breaking bread” is in and of itself a powerful form of community building. Our families look forward to the opportunity to reflect on each NRP session, collaborate and simply enjoy a meal together. In this portion of the evening our families are relieved of the pressure to provide and prepare dinner. For some of our population the relief is more profound than we can immediately understand.