Steven W. Davis, Sr.

Steven Davis founded Believe, Inc. in 1999 and currently serves as CEO and Executive Director.  Steve has had a diverse and unique career including serving as the chaplain of the Oklahoma City Hornets, during their relocation time in Oklahoma City, and as the only African-American on the civic group to help bring Oklahoma City its first NBA team in state history.

Steve has over twenty years of experience guiding nonprofit organizations, community and housing development, fundraising, leadership training, and as a highly sought after conference and public speaker.  Steve initiated and built a 60 unit, $8 million senior living community in the heart of Oklahoma City, as well as raising $1 million dollars for other community development projects.

Steve is a leading expert in the field of youth, black male, community and organizational development.  For more than twenty years, Steve has worked to build dynamic and effective programs for young people and to create a fair and just world.  As founder and president of Believe, Inc., he seeks out, nurtures and brings to scale exceptional strategies to support young people, strengthen communities and promote social justice.

Considered an expert by many in training and strategic planning, Steve is a widely sought after consultant to organizations, schools and churches for youth development and by NBA teams and players for community engagement support, player development and family support services.

Prior to founding Believe, Inc. in 1999, he held leadership post as a two-time state champion assistant high school basket coach, AAU state champion basketball coach, executive director of a faith-based organization, state director of a pediatric literacy program, community relation director for a NBA franchise and community organizer.